Step-By-Step Easy Suggestions When Looking At Garage Door Insulation


As time passes, the expenses that we pay for heating and cooling of your house becomes higher. This signifies that, unless you don’t mind the high expenses, you must opt for a less costly, more efficient resolution for the temperature changes.

In some cases, folks would consider certain insulation solutions. Garage door insulation is just one of the solutions that you could think of.

Garage door insulation will have a good effect on the air conditioning expenses in your house. This article provides you with info about the best ways to insulate your garage door, the advantages, along with the tools you may need making the work effective.


Before you start measuring your garage door, you should know the tools that you need for this task. This is a difficult task, but you will find simple tools that you actually need to finish this and spend less. Below are a few of the necessary tools to finish this task.

Foil-faced Board

Foil will not allow any heat through. For this reason, it’s the most essential part of any insulation project. The foil should actually have a board attachment that will reinforce it and prevent any damage on the foil from other exterior factors.

A Knife

This allows you to cut your foil at certain points that you measure. You must also ensure to be accurate when cutting the foil-faced foam at the specific points.

A Tape Measure

You have to take comprehensive measurements of your garage door if you’d like it to be accurate. A yardstick, however, must provide the same accuracy in measurements as the tape measure.

The Process

The process is quite effective and it is super easy to do as well. A significant thing to know is that the precision in cutting and measurements might actually provide the best results.

Step 1: Measurements

You must take the measurement of the garage door panels. These rectangular parts separate the garage door frames. Once you take these measurements, cut the foil foam with an additional inch to each measurement on the side.

The reason why this additional inch comes into the measurement is to make certain that the foil does not attach fully to the garage door panels.

Garage door insulation panels help in offering an air space between the foil foam and the actual garage door. This makes the insulation activity effective. Remember, without this air gap, the foil have no ability to reflect the radiation, which renders your efforts futile.

Step 2: The Foil Attachments

After measuring each panel individually, you need to cut a foil board that you will put to the panels. If you’d like to get the best results, you will need to measure each panel individually and cut them. Every attachment must eliminate all the spaces that can bring about temperature changes. For the air gap, you must attach the foil so that it forms a convex shape, facing away from the garage door. It will help the foil perform with maximum efficiency, reflecting the radiation. If there are no air gaps, the result is minimal and it will be less efficient.

Finishing Up

The door should have no space to allow any radiation from escaping. If there is actually an opening, it will enable the temperature outside to affect the temperature inside your home. You must be sure that all spaces can have an insulation to prevent the radiation from escaping.

Although this is among the most essential and effective investments you might make in your home, it is absolutely among the less popular methods. It is essential that you save on your expenses by taking on this simple task.

Benefits Of Garage Door Insulation Projects

There are a lot of advantages that garage door insulation projects can offer. Here are a few of the advantages that you will get from garage door insulation projects.

Temperature Maintenance

The heat energy lost through the openings in the house may cause the biggest changes in temperature. Even so, it will reduce significantly because of insulation.

Noise Reduction

If you actually live in a busy street, it is already expect that it can bring more noise and disturbance every day. The noise can be reduced if you may put proper insulation in your garage door.

Other Projects

If you are doing projects that may harm the garage door, you will suffer huge losses. To prevent this, most homeowners opt to insulate their home garages to handle all the pressure of such projects. Even so, this will require that you add in more insulation that could protect your home.

House maintenance is among the most important activities to ensure your house continues to be in peak condition and that you spend less on maintenance. Insulation of your garage door ensures that you save more on air conditioning systems while keeping your family warm. Take action today and make certain that your family continues to be protected from adverse temperatures.